TimeLines is a non-profit entity.  My intention is to never profit in any way from this venture; however a book is in the works from which there is a possibility that may generate funds.  If it does, those funds will be used to further pursue the truth.  The places I explore are not free.  And even at this level of production it gets expensive pretty quick.  I will always be transparent and let you know what's up.


I will be launching a new website on Thursday                         July 26, 2018.  
click on the photo below to go directly to my                             new website!
2018 has been a busy year for me.  I have returned full time to my solo ghost hunts with a recent ghost hunting road trip through the mid-west including a stop at the now infamous Malvern Manor in Iowa!
I also finally published my book "TimeLines" which is available at Amazon.com, just search for Solo Ghost Hunter.  I have, so far, been the guest on 3 podcasts including The Jim Harold Paranormal Podcast, Darkness Radio and posting soon, Miami Ghost Chronicles.  Check out my new website for links for these podcasts!

I will be extremely busy for the remainder of the year with two new unbelievable locations that must remain undisclosed at this moment, but I am absolutely stoked to have been alerted to one here in Texas that is completely unheard of but from what I have been told by witnesses is extremely active!!!

I will be posting all new updated news, pics, evidence and pics at my new website: www.sologhosthunter.com

There will be fresh new short videos and the first video of what would have been my new series.  That series has now been cancelled as I move on to bigger better things in this field .  All new updates will be posted to sologhosthunter.com.

I will be updating solo ghost hunter on a regular basis with new videos, articles, pictures and evidence, so please head on over to the new website whenever you can.  

Finally thank you all for continuing to be interested!  I will continue my efforts at finding the truth to this phenomenon and will keep you posted!!

Patrick Henry Orozco
July 2018.

Bought The Farm Media LLC

My favorite location so far - Waverly Hills Sanatorium. What is beyond these locked, forbidden doors?  Watch my series to find out!! 
TimeLines returns with a whole new series in 2017!
 produced, written, shot & cut by
Patrick Henry Orozco 
Contact me at: patrickhenryorozco@me.com