It's All Normal
by Patrick Orozco
My sincere hope when people watch my videos is that they will notice that I do not and never will use
terminology that has come to be expected in this type of endeavor.  This terminology is an invention of
a belief system that has it's roots in the supernatural, psychics, and the occult.  It is the language of the
ever popular ghost hunting cable television show.  Not too long ago in an earlier incarnation of the show
"Ghost Hunters" some of the "investigators" actually used dowsing rods to find "paranormal hotspots".
Or maybe they were looking for water, I wasn't really paying attention.  It just looked so damned silly.
Those trusted and true dowsing rods gave way to what I call electronic dowsing rods.  They now claim
to be "scientific" because they use all kinds of gadgets with little lights and buzzing sounds that claim
to have the ability to detect "disturbances" in space that always means " a spirit is trying to manifest!"
Indeed, in a relatively new entry into the world of television ghost hunting shows, this one with a 
southern flare, one "investigator" proclaimed "My ghost radar ain't workin' right!"  I laughed so hard
I think I gave myself a hernia.

On the Travel Channel's "Ghost Adventures" there has never been any doubt that they, through the aid 
of a "spirit box", are in fact communicating with spirits, in fact they say it all the time.  These fellas 
really seem to believe that they are communicating with ghosts.  This "spirit box" that was invented 
and manufactured to continuously scan AM radio frequencies and then randomly select portions of an active channel to produce words is all you need to speak to the dead.  That's it folks, it's all been solved.
Spirits of the dearly departed can in fact speak!  What more proof does one need?  Why keep trying?
Why keep living?  It's easier, cheaper, and you can still communicate.  The downside of all this non-
sense is the great disservice these cable shows inflict.  They perpetuate ignorance.  It's not even
entertaining anymore.

And then here I am.  Am I not on a very slippery slope?  Yes and no.  I will not and never will claim
that I have communicated with spirits.  I will not and never will claim that my experiences can be 
attributed to ghosts, goblins or demons.  I, like everyone else, don't know what these experiences are
exactly.  But I am relatively sure that it is not ghosts or demons causing these anomalies.  Notice that
word I just used?  Anomalies.  That's about as scientific as this endeavor can get.  That is ultimately
what it is.  I use this word because Electronic Voice Phenomenon is now so embedded into and so 
strongly associated with "ghost hunting" and those types of television shows.  But am I not using their
"investigation" model?  Well, yes, guilty as charged.  My only defense is that this is a process I am 
working through.  My mindset at first, admittedly, was "ghosts" based.  But it's only in going through
the process, and my understanding of it, that that mindset has shifted significantly.  I truly believe the 
answers can be found or explained in a much more interesting way. 

"People like us, who believe in Physics, know that the distinction
  between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent
                   Albert Einstein

For a long time (about 50 years) physicists had thought about our universe in two ways.  One is the
macroscopic world - the one we experience, that contains large objects acting upon each other, i.e.; the
moon orbits the earth, for every action there is a reaction, an apple falls from a tree proving gravity
is real and observable.  In this world cause and effect are linked.  This world is also known as the 
classical world.  The second world is the indeterministic microscopic world.  This is the world filled 
with particles, atoms, neutrinos and so forth.  This is the world of Quantum.  The quantum world
builds the classical world.  We and everything else is made up of microscopic particles acting in

For 50 years most quantum physicists could only find meaning in the microscopic world by virtue of
larger objects that can be seen in the macroscopic world.  "We cannot even talk about what happens
in the microscopic world because it is so indeterministic that we can never lay our fingers on exactly
what is actually going on."

Then along comes Hugh Everett III who "wrote the mathematics that joins the two worlds of physics 
and proved that we can look at the entire universe as quantum mechanical.  He did this by introducing 
'universal wav function' which is like a mathematical list of every possible configuration of a quantum
object."  However, the implications that some physicists aren't very comfortable with is that this
means everything that is possible happens.  Remember the Copenhagen Interpretation?  This theory, 
put simply, postulates that particles exist in every possible state, or in all possible states simultaneously until an observation is made.  This is called superposition. 

This is a simple explanation of what superposition is.  Let's say you trap an electron in a box.  "The 
first time you measure it, quantum mechanical formulas will pop up a 30% chance the particle is at 
position 'X'.  You measure it again and the probability is 70% it is at position 'Y'.  That means you
have a 100% chance it will be at position 'X' or at position 'Y' ".  In quantum though, the electron is
actually at both positions before you measure or observe it.  So here's the problem; if we, our
universe and everything else is made up of these particles, that means we're all over the place, all the
time!  Millions upon millions of particles in every possible location?  Until an observations is made?

Let's go further down this rabbit hole.  So let's use this example; a gram of carbon at the tip of a
pencil.  "Those classical objects (macroscopic) are composed of microscopic systems that are all in 
superpositions, but we don't see 100 million positions for a gram of carbon on the tip of your pencil,
we only see one."  Why?

Here is where we have a split, a big one, between the physicists who subscribe to Everett's 'Many 
Worlds Theory' and those who believe and follow "The Copenhagen Interpretation."  The Copenhagen
Interpretation postulates that the reason we see only one gram of carbon at the tip of the pencil
is because the wave function has to collapse.  "What happens is that the wave function looses all those 
other possibilities and collapses into only one possibility."  The big problem with this theory is that they 
can't prove it.  "It works to describe the universe...but it doesn't make any philosophical, logical,
or interpretive sense."

About the time Everett was formulating his theory, Norbert Wiener, Claude Shannon and a few
other great minds had just invented Information Theory.  Basically they said that "information has a
physical reality independent of any kind of meaning you might want to give it."  Everett took this
theory, that information is physical and "developed a mathematical argument showing how data
correlates within itself."  He took it further and came up with a solution in which when a person looks
at that gram of carbon she or he correlates with every possible state that carbon exists in.  Which means
we exist in every possible state; yes millions or even trillions of possibilities.  "So before you look at it 
you are in one state, you are one with the gram of carbon on the tip of your pencil."  It's what happens
in-between, when we actually look at the tip of the pencil.  "The act of looking, that interaction is just
an exchange of energy.  A person looking at a clock, for example, is an energetic interaction with 
photons of light bouncing off the clock and going into the person's eyes."

(Warning:  Minds about to be blown.)

So in Everett's view, when we look at a gram of carbon, the clock, whatever it is, we correlate and split 
like an amoeba, making copies of ourselves, one for each element in the superposition.
That means one for every possible outcome, or state, which means trillions of copies of ourselves. 
You are only aware of the one you correlate to.   But all the other trillions are possible outcomes or
copies of  ourselves go on to live in that copies' life, in that alternate universe without your awareness
or knowledge.   

Confused?  Let's say you're a poor, lowly, humbled filmmaker and you're at Whole Foods.  A rich old
lady mindlessly drops a hundred dollar bill behind her, she doesn't even know she did and keeps on 
walking.  You have to make a decision and you don't know which one to select until that exact moment
that you act.  Until you make the decision multiple possibilities are happening simultaneously in your
brain before you are even conscious of it.  There are so many filmmaking things, a desperate over-
worked, underpaid, wannabe video producer could buy with a hundred bucks.   There are millions of
possibilities before I quickly scoop up that sweet Benny and run out the nearest exit like my ass was
on fire and I correlate into that outcome.

This is the Many Worlds Theory.  "This universal wave function describes a series of branching 
universes that make up what physicist David Deutsch calls the Multiverse, and in these branching
universes are beyond trillions of copies of you and me and everyone else."  As wild as this sounds
Everett's theory has not been shown to be mathematically incorrect.  A lot of folks have tried to shoot
down the logic, the math and the theory, all have failed.  That, and throw in Stephen F. Hawking's 
belief that this theory is correct and maybe, just maybe, there are places in this weird existence 
where occasionally one universe leaks into another somehow and spooky weird things happen.  
Where what we have always believed to be hauntings, poltergeist activity, the paranormal, or
the supernatural occur.  I once posted on FaceBook that I am not a ghost hunter but a parallel
universe hunter because I still believe that possibility is so much more interesting to me.  Yes, ghosts
are quite boring when you have this crazy Many Worlds Theory that may just be correct.  So is it
in that microsecond moment when we split like an amoeba and we exist in every possible state, mind
you, imagine all of us doing this constantly, that the paranormal exists, or is born out of?  Is there a 
possibility of causation?  Hey I'll take a mere correlation.

Not so scientific but equally mind blowing is the idea of Reality Shifts.  And while this idea lives
and thrives online in the world of spirituality, mysticism and the whole new age movement,  I 
have to admit, I'm very intrigued.  The easiest way to explain this is with this example.  (And truth
be told, this has happened to me more than I care to admit).  Let say you are at the grocery store
and you're in the nut isle and you're looking for a can of cashews.  You go to the spot where it's 
usually shelved but that spot is empty.  You look around hoping maybe they've moved it, but you
can't find it anywhere else in the nut section.  You look again at the spot where it should be and
pow! they were there the whole time.  Or were they?  Some say what you just experienced is a
reality shift.

In this funky theory we all have the ability to make this happen.  Think about something you 
reasonably really want, a can of cashews, and just when you're not looking, we shift from our reality
to a reality where there are plenty of cans of cashews.  Or because we merely really want those 
cashews, while we weren't looking, the cashews from another reality shifted into ours because
we really wanted them to.  Sounds crazy?  Yeah it does, but then I realized that that sort of thing has
happened to me too.  Some Psychologist who study memory, and believe me I studied this and got
a degree to prove it,  there's A LOT of psychologists studying memory.  They believe it's just a matter
of disremembering, or faulty information retrieval.  But I can honestly tell you that I remember
picking up that little blue box of tissue.  I remember the cashier putting it in my green bag.  I got 
home put it on the counter, put away all the cold food, had lunch, watched the news a little, then went
back to putting everything else away and that damned blue box of tissue just vanished!  It was gone!
I never found it.  I have a 400 square foot apartment, there's not a lot of places it could be.  I don't 
want to believe it and I know you probably don't want to either.  It is, of course, a lot easier for us to 
just chalk it up to misinterpreting the experience.  "I guess I must've thought the box of saltines 
was the box of tissue."  But you know damned well that's not what happened.  I know it was a box
of tissue and now it's gone.  Ever put your keys one place only to find them in another?  "I could
have sworn..."  But what does it mean?  What could it mean?

On the Battleship U.S.S. North Carolina there was a moment when I was walking back to a specific
area of the ship when I began to hear a lot of people talking.  I was just one deck below the main
deck and it sounded like it was coming form that deck.  But it didn't sound like sailors during a
time of war, it sounded very contemporary.  In other words, I could hear the voices of men, women
and children.  It kinda sounded like a party.  Reality shift theory relies heavily on the concept of
coexisting time lines.  Whenever I actually heard voices in real time, and it happened at every
location, that's what it seemed like.  It just sounded to me like people conversing, living their lives,
getting through another day.  There was never that quintessential, definitive "Get out!" or a long
mournful moan.  It sounded like there was another reality that was leaking audio from just another
moment in the lives of those occupying that reality.

And then there are those audio anomalies that appear to be answering my questions.  And before
you pass judgement, just trust me on this, not every anomaly will sound 100%, if you can't hear it
or understand it doesn't mean it's not there.  Do you see any adverts on this site?  Am I trying to sell 
you anything? Belief is not necessary for something to be real or exist.  I have listened to all the 
anomalies very carefully and thoroughly.  For every anomaly I include in a video there is another 
one I did not use because of quality issues.  If I caption an anomaly, that's what is sounds like it's
saying after many play throughs at different times during the process.  If I have a question mark
after the caption, that's my best guess at what I think it's saying.  There is an unfortunate loss of
quality in audio between my original file and what ends up online.  It's not bad, it's minimal, but my
files, on my computer, with my professional headphones sound a little bit better.  So there appears 
to be times when I ask simple yes/no response questions that a response is recorded.  So if I can 
sometimes hear them, then they, apparently, can hear me.

Could this be a result, an artifact of living in a "many worlds theory" universe?  I remember watching
a NOVA episode that had a graphic, animated, depiction of what is happening right now around all
of us on a subatomic level and it was one of the most bizarre, discombobulated scenes I had ever
seen.  Subatomic particles behave in the most extreme, unusual and unexpected ways.  There is a lot
going on all around us, through us, as part of us, because of us.  It staggers the imagination.  I 
remember when I was at Fort Mifflin in the first casemate that I heard a voice, a female voice, but
I couldn't make out what she had said.  That moment, for me, was a moment of discovery.  A 
profoundly moving moment because it solidified the reason for my explorations.  I connected to this
strange, crazy universe we live in in a way I had forgotten I had connected with before and always 
knew to be true.  I understood why there are folks who dismiss this evidence outright.  It's the same
reason, that a long time ago, some people were convinced the world was flat.

"We should not pretend to understand the world only by the intellect.
            The judgement of the intellect is only part of the truth."

                    Carl Jung

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