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July 2018.

            I am launching a new website on Thursday July26, 2018.  Please go to               www.sologhosthunter.com for all my latest articles, podcasts, videos and evidence.  Thanks!

And  finally the series comes to and end but that doesn't mean nothing else will happen here.  There is so much more to come including bonus videos, a pod cast with me and my advisor and co-producer for the first 3 videos.  Updates on a possible companion book to be published; a new video of the upcoming first ever TimeLines group investigation!; and what is in the future for TimeLines.   Work continues behind the scenes and at this website.  So please come visit from time to time as I add more content and announce the winners of the group investigation!

    I continue to be blown away by the sheer amount of audio anomalies per location.  I have seen a lot of these "Ghost Hunting" shows on cable and there is no comparison.  But I can see why that may be the case.
These shows on cable networks have to have a fast turn-around because you have a whole lot of people on payroll.  Remember, these shows all have budgets, post production has to push out a new show every four to eight days, the editing team is just interested in putting out a finished product, they're not necessarily looking for anomalies,  or analyzing every minute of production footage.  That's the huge difference in what they do and what I do.  I look at and analyze every minute of footage and audio.  That takes months, although I only work on it part-time.  Still I may spend 250 - 300+ hours in post production for each movie.  It took me 5 months to complete the first in this series because I had so much to learn about the process and because I had to learn how to edit and synch multiple camera footage.  Some of  you may remember the first movie, which was just me and one camera.  For the new movies I'm always running 3 cameras at once.

    What I mean by audio anomalies:
Basically the same thing "Ghost Hunting" shows call EVP's, but I also include knocking, walking, creaking sounds that have no apparent source.  In one movie there are over 70 audio anomalies with a great deal of those being voices, some even appear to be intelligent responses to my questions.  This 2nd movie took 4 months in post production because there were so many apparent voices, conversations, responses, unexplained noises, and least to say footsteps, some of which happened right behind me in a very small room. 

    We are striving to make each movie unique in some way.  Each will have a different feel or "vibe" (I hope).  Each will reveal a little more.  And by the end of the series there will be a definite conclusion to the series.  (You'll never see that on the cable shows.)  And for those of you who saw our first "pilot" movie, you can count on all these movies having that same "human" side of the story and location. 

    This is still a new process for me, I'm still learning.  There is a lot of tech that goes into every single movie.  And I come from an old school of training where I used to cut film, yes actual film - like the movies used to be.  But I am now at a point where this process is becoming second nature and I am much more confident in my  abilities now then I was a year ago.  This new found confidence will most definitely pay off in the rest of this series and the 2016 series.   I will face new and potentially dangerous challenges that will be documented much more thoroughly and professionally.   

July 8, 2014.    

    Well I thought I couldn't be more blown away then I already was but during editing and analysis on the 3rd movie I came across something I never would have anticipated and have not seen reported ( although I don't really follow the world of ghost hunting or the paranormal as much as I used to).  After I confirmed it, I must admit, it was a little unsettling.  And it made me review the 2nd movie because it happened at that location too.  In retrospect now I find it very disturbing.  Of-course I don't want to give anything away but I have a piece I wrote in the "Articles" section of this site that explains it a little more and gives you a pretty good idea about what I'm writing about here.  
     I have seen test footage of our movies on Vimeo.com and can honestly say they look great!!  We secured a deal with Vimeo.com to present the movies in the highest HD that is available on the web.  So I am really  pleased with the results.   
   Watch out for a flurry of activity like: out-takes, gag reels, clips, audio anomalies that will post sometimes only on our website, sometimes only on our Facebook page, totally at random for limited amounts of time,  after our PREMIERE.  And speaking of which, a website guest suggested we move the Premiere to the week of Halloween.  Which I might do.  So keep in touch: LIKE and FOLLOW our Facebook page (Timelines) to keep up with any changes.  Also keep in touch for the possibility of winning prizes at the end of our series, just for watching our movies and liking our Facebook page! Also being considered is the possibility of a contest to win a spot to go on local ghost hunt!! There is a lot coming up, so I have to get back to work.  All updates will be posted exclusively at our Facebook page: Timelines.

Sept 30, 2014.

How wonderful to see so many viewers from around the world responding to TimeLines!  I write this during the TimeLines winter break.  And even though there are no new events or videos, rest assured that I am hard at work editing the last 3 movies in the series and as I promised, there will be a conclusion and my best guess at what I think is going on in the world of what we have all been led to believe is "paranormal".   Most exciting is that there could be a major development in an interesting piece of "evidence" I recorded at one of the locations on the east coast.  Much is going on behind the scenes that has much potential.    

Editing and analysis for the last movie in the series is set to begin in a few weeks, which I am really looking forward to because it's a lot of footage and audio I have not seen or analyzed, so at this point anything is still possible.

And finally, plans for the second series are in the works and all I can say is that it will be totally different.  I can definitely say that it will be far more intense!  I think I can safely say that being a solo "paranormal" explorer is pretty ballsy , well I'm going to dial it way, way up in 2016.  

I have reached an odd little milestone; post-production begins tonight Feb 9, 2015 on the last video in the series.  It's a little bittersweet for me as I have eaten, slept, dreamed, worked every night except Sunday nights on this project a little over 2 years now and while I am really excited to see new, never analyzed or seen footage, this will be the last time that happens for a while.  And so I am also a little sad, but relieved that the series is almost completed.  The good news is after I wrap the series, I will be able to devote full time to writing about my adventures for what will hopefully be a companion book to the series.  There are far many more interesting personal experiences, anecdotal stories, interesting observations, and "ghostly" happenings than what you see in the videos.

Thank you all for your continued support and "likes" on Facebook.   Thank you to all my friends in Mexico, Israel, Spain, Germany, New Zealand, Brazil, Taiwan, the UK,  China, etc., hope you have a great new year with much joy and peace.  Stay safe!

February 9, 2015.