Yorktown Memorial Hospital
Yorktown Lobby
Yorktown Hospital kitchen (morning)
Kitchen at Yorktown Hospital
Kitchen at Yorktown Hospital
Doll Room - Yorktown Hospital
Yorktown Hospital Chapel
Padre's Residence - Yorktown Hospital
Operating Room at Yorktown Memorial.
Birthing room at Yorktown Hospital
Operation Prep Room - Yorktown
Yorktown Memorial Hospital
Nun's Room at Yorktown Hospital
West Virginia Penitentiary
Psych Ward West Virginia Penitentiary
Waverly Hills Sanatorium
Waverly Hills Sanatorium
My rig can get heavy fast.
The basement at Bobby Mackey's.
Yorktown Memorial Hospital
I thought this mannequin was a drifter lady.
I love this place, it's by far the creepiest place I've been to.
The death chute at Waverly Hills.
Waverly Hills, this place has an unmistakable vibe. It's awesome
I could not believe I had this entire battleship to myself .
Battleship Engine Room.
I was in here, pitch black, when something unexpected happened.
Twilight time on the USS North Carolina.
Fort Mifflin, Philadelphia PA.
Walking into the casemates at Fort Mifflin.
Can't be claustrophobic if you go into casemate 11.
The basement is where it's at at Bobby Mackey's.
The hole at West Virginia Penitentiary, not recommended = bats!
Okay kids, you don't want to do anything that will lead to this.
Love this pic. West Virginia Penitentiary.
Brand new Battleship back in 1940.
Inside Yorktown Memorial Hospital.
Operating room at Yorktown Memorial.
Inside Yorktown Memorial Hospital.
West Virginia Penitentiary - The Hole
The Hole at WV Penitentiary.
West Virginia Penitentiary - The Psych Ward. Patrick Orozco
WV Penitentiary - The Psych Ward.
West Virginia Penitentiary.  Patrick Orozco
Exploring Maximum Security.
The Hole WV Penitentiary.
The Hole at WV Penitentiary.
West Virginia Penitentiary - The kitchen.  Patrick Orozco
On the move in the jail kitchen.
West Virginia Penitentiary Bat hits camera,  Patrick Orozco
The Bat that hit my camera!
Sugar Shack WV Penitentiary.  Patrick Orozco
This is where I thought If I was gonna be shived this is it.
The infirmary at the prison. Notice the lightning out the window
The Morgue at Waverly Hills Sanatorium
Waverly Hills Sanatorium
Waverly Hills Sanatorium
Sunrise at Waverly Hills Sanatorium
The Balcony at Waverly Hills Sanatorium
Waverly Hills Sanatorium Patient's Room
Very restricted road up to Waverly Hills
Sick Bay on the Battleship North Carolina
The USS North Carolina
Patrick at Fort Mifflin
The Chapel at Yorktown Hospital
South End of West Virginia Penitentiary
Powder Magazine - Fort Mifflin
Fort Mifflin, Philadelphia PA.
Commandant's Quarters - Fort Mifflin
Fort Mifflin, Philadelphia PA.
Commandan'ts Quarters - Fort Mifflin
Arsenal - Fort Mifflin
Fort Mifflin, Philadelphia PA.
Entrance - Fort Mifflin
Officer's Quarters - Fort Mifflin
Photo Journal                                                                     
West Virginia Penitentiary
"The Sugar Shack" is a  big room in the basement of the penitentiary and was the recreation area for the prisoners during inclement weather that kept them from going out to the yard.  Now, by recreation I don't mean a friendly civilized cricket match, no I mean this is where you came to get raped, beaten, shived, or you could get high, or have a clandestine "hook-up" and there were no guards.  Anything and everything happened here.  If ever there was a place I thought I might fall victim to a "ghostly" dull shiv to the kidney this was it.
Some people have a problem with bats, I don't. But the bat in the upper right corner of the picture had a problem with the shotgun mic on my camera. This is about a second before he hit it.  Lucky for me this could have ended really differently but  he/she seemed just fine and just kept on flying.  This is in the hole at West Virginia Penitentiary where there are a lot of bats. 
Fort Mifflin, Philadelphia Pa.

These are casemates 1 -5 at Fort Mifflin.  This picture was taken at about 7:00 a.m. following my exploration.  These casemates are absolutely pitch black at night and I must admit that this was the only place I had an issue with.  The whole time I was in these casemates I felt an extreme sense of dread and had the distinct uneasy feeling that "someone" was watching me. I had to rationalize these feelings by acknowledging that it was a cave like structure with low ceilings and that anyone in here alone would feel the same way especially in total darkness. Rodney Anonymous from the band "The Dead Milkmen" known as a fella who isn't afraid of anything and his nephew attempted to stay in casemate 5 all night but only lasted 1 1/2 hours before they chickened out.  I was in these casemates for about that long and only moved on because I was really looking forward to casemate 11 and my time was running out.
Bobby Mackey's Nightclub - Stage area.
This is the stage area at Bobby Mackey's.
It was a slow start but the longer I stayed
the more dynamic the place seemed to
feel.  And by that I mean it felt as if the
place was changing somehow I can't quite 
describe it but it was like going home for
Thanksgiving and as the relatives trickle
in a few at a time the mood changes.
 Sometimes it can be a little stressful  
but it can also start feeling more 
comfortable and lively.  There was
a moment when I was suddenly 
surrounded by what appeared to be
shadowy figures that encircled me 
then quickly got whisked away.  It
happened in a flash and then it was
quiet again.  I know that sounds 
improbable but it does happen.  And
this was just one location where this
phenomenon happened.

Then came the basement at Bobby Mackey's nightclub.  I snapped this photo which is off the well room.  There is an anomaly right in the middle and toward the bottom that appears to be a mist or fog of some sort.  I did not see this mist at the time, but it's hard to say what it is or isn't.  This was taken in Infrared light and you can get a flare if the IR light is in front of the lens but there is a strong reflection on the right so...?  This is the only anomaly of this type at this location.
Onboard the Battleship U.S.S. North Carolina

Some of the lights had to stay on in a few areas of the battleship to power office computers, but a good 80 % of the ship was in total darkness.  This was the only location where I did not witness any visual activity but did have some very interesting audio anomalies.  On many occasions I heard voices, and in one case heard what sounded like a lot of people conversing one deck above me.  More than a few times I heard loud crashing sounds like one might make shutting a hatch.  The battleship was a logistical challenge with very steep small stairs, and a little confusing as I did get hopelessly lost.  I work out regularly but the following day was really sore from all those very narrow, very steep stairs.
The body-chute at Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Here is one of my favorite places on earth.  But first my full disclosure; this was the only location I was not alone at.  I was here as part of a larger group of seven folks, I was the odd man out because they all came together, they were all friends.  The good thing is that they stuck together as a group, so if they were off on one end of the building I would run to the opposite end where I could explore alone.   So after they explored the body chute, I had my alone time in here.  If this is something you've always wanted to do, this should be at the top of your list in possible locations.  I will be returning to Waverly in 2016 when I will truly have the whole place to myself.  The body chute runs 500 feet down the hill.  And as the name implies, this is how the hospital discreetly removed the deceased. 
This is one of the hallways at Waverly Hills Sanatorium and where I had my experience with what has come to be known as "Big Black".  It wasn't scary but certainly a very unusual experience that I still can't find a reasonable explanation for.   Sadly, it is a personal experience that my video camera did not "see".  But I will never forget this really weird experience.  I explain this event more fully in video # 5.  This place reminded me the most of the book and movie "The Shining" in that every floor had an unmistakable vibe.  The first two floors are mildly interesting.  The third floor makes you wonder if maybe this was a mistake.  The forth floor is unforgettable and while there you begin to agree that this floor left it's mark.  It's palpable, it's tangible, it's a bad floor man!  Then you pop up to the fifth floor and it's all easy peasy again.
Yorktown Memorial Hospital - Nobody told me about the mannequins man!
Sometimes before I go into a location I do a walk through with a little flashlight just so I get a feel for the room and to check for unseen objects on the floor or stairwells or hatches that I might fall into.  I didn't do that so much at Yorktown Hospital because it's not a big location and it's pretty straight forward.  I didn't do a walk through in the chapel and it cost me.  First I was walking down the middle of the pews I came upon this mannequin.  At the time I was eyeballing my monitor to guide me into this very dark room.  On the monitor it looked like a real person, in a very dark room out of the corner of my eye it looked like a real person.  I thought for a second that it was a drifter lady who was taking a little siesta.  Then as I was walking up to the pulpit I didn't see that one little step up and I went flying and fell hard.  This chapel is full of mannequins, I don't know why.  Always do a walk through.  No bueno not to.
Yes in my advancing years sometimes I forget there is a little camera focused on my mug the whole time I'm doing this and I forget to turn it off.  But this candid shot does shed a little light into everything that has to happen and go right for these little movies to happen.  About 1/2 of the seating area in the guest shop of the penitentiary was littered with camera cases, sticks (tripods), cables, cameras, battery chargers, rigging stuff, etc.  It's quite a show and quite a set up. 
This is the doll room at Yorktown Memorial Hospital.   In our Lead Trailer I talk a little and then walk out of frame.  Shortly after there is some very obvious audible noise that I can't explain.  I really meant it when I said I was going to go take pictures, I really did walk away and kept going.  This was at about 5 a.m. and I knew I was running out of time.  What the noise is is anyone's guess.  Keep in mind that the noise had to have been generated in front of the camera because the only microphone I had active at the time was a very good professional quality shotgun that does a really go job of cutting off any sound behind it.  Of course this place is wide open for any kinda critter to get in so there's that possibility that it could have been a rat or very big mouse, although the caretaker there does have a few cats around.
This is the nun's lounge on the second floor at Yorktown Memorial Hospital.  Many folks simply don't believe that there can not be physical contact from the "great beyond" or from an alternate reality.  Well tell that to my left leg.  I was sitting on that sofa when it happened.  Now, I had really been taunting the nuns here for a long time.  It is said they especially did not like men with tats, well I have a few and was showing them off trying to piss the nuns off when my A camera jammed.  It just froze up.  This had never happened to this camera.  So I sat down on the right side of the sofa to try to figure out what was wrong with my camera.  I sat there with me left leg crossed over my right ( I was wearing cargo shorts) when I felt two pressure points, one on either side of my leg stroke downward.  It felt just like what a hand stroking my leg would feel like, except there was no warmth or a sense of skin.  It happened again, and then a again except that on the third stroke the "hand" went higher up to my thigh. So yeah, ah, it does happen and it's not such a good feeling.  I didn't react at all, I didn't even say anything because I totally disconnected myself from this situation.  You have to or you will completely freak out.  I just let it happen.
And so we come to the end. It's always so hard to get on that flight that will bring me back home, especially after having had such an amazing journey.  I come away with this one thing;  somewhere along you're own personal journey you must find time to allow yourself to be amazed, to go beyond the ordinary.  For a long time, fear kept me from making this journey.  Not the fear of ghosts or demons, but the fear of being in unknown places, driving around cities I did not know or felt comfortable in.  Turns out, that became just as enjoyable as exploring these wonderfully creepy places! So much unexpected growth occurred on this journey that I am now a more complete person.  And I can't wait to do it again.